Ruud Bijlsma is in artist living in Groningen in the Netherlands. Since childhood he was fascinated by art, nature and the human mind. These elements are coming together in his art. This includes his writings, poetry,paintings as well as his photography and espescially his photopaintings as he likes to call them. Here the three elements combine and blend into hallucinating and psychadelic images. Where present, past and future come together in fascinating, almost vissionairy pictures. The surrealistic dreams, and mystics, together with the human mind and primal forces of nature are giving form to a strange overwhelming reality with sometimes magical elements and sometimes it is just the plain elementary simplicity and beauty of nature shown in natural shapes and pictures. Ruud Bijlsma Works since the 80’s as an artist. First as a painter. He took several courses at the academy of arts Minerva in Groningen. Afterwards he also develloped writing skills. In those day’s he joined a group of poets and did several performances. His career as an artist was interrupted by a study at the university of Groningen. He graduated as a neuropsychologist and duet o lack of opportunity he started afterwards a career as photographer. Since 2003 he is a registered artist and he did several expositions nationally as well internationally. Two years ago he began photographing digitally and this year he began with his photopaintings The Works shown here reflect this latest period and in fact combine his earlyer painting with modern digital photography and techniques. He has a permanent exposition of his Works at home and you can visit and see this after making an appointment. All Works shown are of course for sale. If you are interested o rif you want information, please do contact Ruud Bijlsma by sending a message at or through the envellope shown here or by phoning to 0620662217 or 0505771413.